Museums & Exhibits

Hind has also worked in the museum and exhibit fields, partnering up with international design and content companies such as Barker Langham, TGAC, RAA, Acciona and Empty to collaborate on a diverse set of creative roles within museum projects in the UAE.

Starting in 2018, and continuing into 2023, Hind wrote over fifty documentary scripts, constructed exhibit AV’s with curators, worked with government clients in the UAE to crystallize stories into film narratives and video art essays. This ongoing role included research, translation, writing and script writing, guiding voice over talent, and finally culminated in producing and directing over 45 films for three museums in the Shindagha historic project in Dubai, between 2019 and 2023.

The film stories took Hind into the homes of traditional healers in the mountains, the memories of an older generation of traders, the boatyards of sailors who reshape wood with their hands, out into sea with fisherman, into the majlis of the keepers of ledgers, the workshops of jewelers, the libraries of historians documenting change, the gardens of crafts people sewing silver, applying henna, and making tools, to the tents of bedouins spinning yarn, and the palm farms of families living in sand dunes, out there by the sun.

The films will be on display in the museums starting in 2020, but private screening links can be provided upon request.