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Over the years, Hind has translated between Arabic and English, for different institutions, cultural foundations, artistic projects and personal productions. She’s surprised at this aspect of her career, but is deeply grateful that her father encouraged her to remain in the Arabic A-level class in high school (and she got an A, yay!), for she enjoyed the beauty of Jahili and Ommayed poetry, as well as ancient philosophy, Arab history, and delighted in the incredible breadth, depth and sophistication of Arabic.

2023, Dubai

Managed the translation of 6000 words for OMG futures.

Epic Films
2023, Dubai

Working on writing/translating pitches for blockbuster projects with Epic Films.

EXPO 2020
2020, Dubai

Ongoing work to translate various projects– from 500 texts for the public walkways of Expo 2020 to short texts for the medallion project as well, working with different pavilions & service providers, such as Icaria Atelier.

Nightmare of Gaza
2020, Dubai

Translated the voice over of the short film directed by Farah Nabulsi.

Shindagha Museums
2019 – 2020, Dubai

Translation for 12 films for Shindagha Museum 2B. Ongoing work to translate interviews for 3A and subtitles during post production.

National Geographic
2019, Abu Dhabi

Wrote and translated eight scripts for National Geographic on conservation efforts in natural landscapes in Sharjah.

Barker Langham
2018 – 2019, UAE

Translated many interviews for projects led by Barker Langham in the UAE, mainly for projected films in memorials, museums and other exhibits.

Mamemo Events
2012 – Ongoing, UAE

Ongoing work with Mamemo to help with Arabic translations and proofread various projects, including MOTN, AlZad Pavilion, NCEMA Abu Dhabi, Federal National Council, Emirates Red Crescent, Imagine Abu Dhabi, and others.

Spread Communications, Avenue Media, Savoir Flair, Mercedes Automobiles, Wow Media, Starcom Vivaki, Fikra PR, CEED consultancy, Ink Publishing
2011- 2016, Dubai

Retainers to translate documents, press releases, and articles for various companies, on a monthly basis.

BKP Collective
2017-2018 Dubai

Translated various voice overs and film documents for the BKP collective production house.

From The Hand Of Man, To The Eye Of God
2015, Abu Dhabi

Translated a short film for the director, Denise Holloway.

IABR Rotterdam Biennale & ArteEast & Cinemateque Du Tangiers
2008- 2009, Beirut

Translated artistic documents for these cultural institutes.

“Circumstance”- Feature Film
2008, NYC

Translated script by Maryam Keshavarz.

HBO – Iraq Football film
2004, NYC

Translated footage for subtitling.

Syrian Refugees documentary
2004, NYC

Translated for the film, directed by Martina Radwan.

The Disappeared Multimedia Project
2004, NYC

Translated for Mariam Ghani.