We Take Back Mountains

This film is a solidarity act of love for Lebanon.

In November 2019, we visited Beirut, not knowing what the streets would hold for us. The streets held us, and there was a strong feeling of camaraderie, power, unity, and cohesive empathy in the energies of many thousands of people we encountered in those few manic days.

This is a short film that we wanted to share with the people protesting for a better life in a country we care about.

Here is our experience, both reclaiming the alleys of downtown Beirut, a place we were cut off from for so long, and in the past thirty years of struggling and striving in this tough city that we love.



Writer, Director & Editor

Hind Shoufani


Iain Akerman & Hind Shoufani

Color Grading

Chrystel Elias

Sound Design

Victor Bresse