Chico– Spinning Since 64’

Red Bull profiled Diran Mardirian, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Chico record store– a household name in films and music in Lebanon’s Ras Beirut.

Filmmaker Hind Shoufani has known Diran, the man behind the shop, for decades. They discuss Vinyl, resilience, the beauty of Ras Beirut and how his father opened the shop fifty years ago to provide musical and cinematic inspiration, shedding light on some of the records that were printed in the 1970s by Khatchik Mardirian, the original Chico, and Ziad Rahbani when they collaborated on the Zida label.

Stories were exchanged at length, and this video is a small selection of memories, comments, and thoughts, as they take you on a musical trip of Diran’s Vinyl world.



Producer, Director & Editor

Hind Shoufani


Karam Ghoussein

Editing Support

Ayman Nahle


Red Bull